• LuxImpress®

    Our Mission

    - Increase Productivity

    - Encourage Creativity


  • Increase Productivity

    your approach to success with canvases that ignite productivity.
    Through strategic design and motivational artistry, we propel your
    journey towards greater efficiency and amplified growth.

  • Encourage Creativity

    the synergy of creativity and profit as our canvases become both your
    muse and your financial catalyst. Cultivate fresh ideas and embrace
    artistic inspiration, transforming innovation into substantial rewards.

  • Motivate

    with motivational energy, our canvases serve as constant reminders of
    your goals, empowering you to overcome challenges, push boundaries, and
    achieve remarkable financial milestones.

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How fast is the delivery?

We deliver the painting through reliable shipping companies, including DHL, ensuring a fast and reliable delivery. In most cases, you can expect to receive your order within 1-2 weeks after purchase.

What material is used to create the painting?

Our paintings are crafted from high-quality canvas material. This material offers excellent color reproduction, durability, and an aesthetic appearance. The canvas allows for accurately reproducing details and textures of the artwork.

Does the painting come with a frame?

No, the painting does not come with a frame. We let you choose your own frame which fits your interior and style

What sizes are available for the paintings?

The sizes of each painting will be clearly indicated on the website alongside the description. Our range includes a variety of sizes, starting from compact 20 cm x 30 cm to more impressive 120 cm x 170 cm. This allows you to choose a painting that fits perfectly into your interior and space.

Can I refund a product?

Yes, If you dont like a product or a product was delivered in a bad condition you can refund it by contacting us